Monday, 12 February 2018

Recent Rumblings In Rhanzslistan

After a prolonged period of quiet in the region the Imperialists decided to tighten their grip against our supply route by seizing control of the main bridge to the contested territory. This of course could not be tolerated and a force led by Comrade General Robinski was despatched to wrest back control.
After a very intense engagement we still did not have total control of bridge but even with dusk approaching the Imperialist forces were in a very weak state and could not hope to halt our advance the next day. Here are some pictures taken by the brave reporting team.
Our Comrades From Siberia Take Cover

Meanwhile Their Comrades Advance On The Bridge

Our Armoured Car Seems Reluctant To Advance

Local  Hill Tribesmen Look On. They Eventually Gave Their Support To The Revoloution, Albeit Briefly

The Imperialist propaganda machine will no doubt be along with a completely different spin, but remember, you heard the true account here first.