Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Red Dawn At Shuzzanabad

The forces of the SPIFF recently won a stunning victory over the Imperialist invaders of the RFF and in doing so are now able to restore the fabled Golden God of Gheekistan to its rightful owners. Our glorious cavalry were also able to capture one of their main officers, who is even now en route to SPIFF headquarters for interrogation and a nice cup of  Russian tea. Our own Comrade Robinski's plan came together well, helped by the fact that the RFF appeared to be in total disarray, its forces scattered around the environs of Shuzzanabad. Our glorious cavalry were able to scatter the recently recruited Imperial mercenary cavalry together with their British counterparts and also capture a mountain gun which was cunningly trying to deploy to deny the SPIFF from liberating the stolen idol. Our reporter N. Parkerski was only able to take three poor quality pictures during the action.

Our Glorious Cavalry Advance To Victory

Our Infantry And Mechanised Forces Avenge The Cowardly Attack On Our Cavalry

Our Glorious Cavalry Shortly Before Putting The Imperialist Cavalry To Flight 
A more skewed version of events can be found here Tales From Rhanzlistan and tall tales they are too!