Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Victory At Pendawar

Reports are just coming in of a great victory for Comrade General Robinski and the men and woman of the Soviet Peoples International Frontier Force at Pendawar in the north of Rhanzlistan. Our intrepid reporter N. Parkerski has sent the following images and words.
SPIFF Forces About To Enter Pendawar

Robinski Sends Our Courageous Cavalry To Secure The Eastern Approach To Pendawar

Commissar Anna Pavlovski Leads Our Infantry To Occupy The Ruins, In the Background One Can Just about See Imperialist Forces Approaching Through The Hari Hills 

It Would Appear We Still Have White Elements At Large, Our Rifle Battalion Is Inexplicably Ordered To Retire 

Number Two Battalion Occupies Another Building Acting As A Reserve

Commander Of Our Armoured Group, Peter Follodavanski Thwarts A Flanking Manoeuvre By Imperialist Cavalry

Follodavanski Engages The Imperialist Armoured Car That Was Hoping To Succeed Where Their Cavalry Failed

Inspired By Pavlovski Our Brave Outnumbered Troops Prepare To Receive The Imperialist Mercenaries Attack

Disaster! Our Armoured Car Is Destroyed By Seditious Tribal Elements 

It Will Be To No Avail Has Our Courageous Cavalry Aided By The First Infantry Battalion Destroy The Imperialist Mercenaries

One Brave But Misguided Individual Fights To The Last
 Being a recent game over at GHQ where details of how it played out, rules and figures used and more splendid pictures etc. can be found.



  1. Splendid pictures, comrade! A shame the captions are more whistful propaganda than fact though...

    1. Thank you, Comrade. However we have no reason to doubt Comrade Parkerski's fine words....