Thursday, 6 March 2014

Death Comes To Jimbai

Mayhem was unleashed to day on the humble citizens of Wytawar and Jimbai as Imperialist forces descended on them with the aim of "chastising" the Jakzi of Jimbai for offering refuge to weary travellers, excuse our grasp of the English but we did not believe this to be another word for assassination. Our reporter N. Parkerski was not on hand to catalogue this latest outrage, but the Imperialist press, has this time not attempted to cover up this massacre and murder, you can see their gloating report, minus we may add the murder of innocent civilians, here Tales From Rhanzlistan and very tall tales they are too. As luck would have it True To The East photographer, Davich Bayliski was in the area and took this photo of a local unarmed civilian who had been bayoneted by Imperialist mercenaries.

 The forces of S.P.I.F.F will be willing to offer the local tribes all assistance.

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