Friday, 10 January 2014

Action At Haztonawar

From today's copy of Правда с Востока comes unfortunate news from the frontier of the exploits of the Soviet  Peoples International Frontier Force and its heroic commander, Comrade General Robinski.

The frontier village of Haztonawar, it has been deserted by the inhabitants due to news that their Imperialist oppressors have sent their mercenary forces to exact their crippling taxation

SPIFF forces move to Haztonwar to counter the advance of the Imperialist aggressors

SPIFF cavalry thunder down the main street, stopping to water their tired horses at the well, whilst doing this they are subjected to murderous fire from the cunningly concealed Imperialist armoured car.

SPIFF infantry move to the right of the town to counter a sneaky flank attack by Imperialist mercenary lackeys

A picture taken behind the enemy lines by intrepid "True To The East"reporter N. Parkerski

SPIFF artillery deploy to counter the advance of the Imperialist armoured car

Having no stomach to fight against our brave gun crew the Imperialist armoured car attempts to sneak around the flank, but are countered by our brave Siberian troops

Hero of the day was undoubtedly Commander Ivan Ferrarski and his crew of the SPIFF armoured car

Despite causing considerable casualties on the Imperialist mercenary force they refused be ejected from their positions in the town, it can only be concluded that their masters pay them extremely well. With the superior number of SPIFF remaining it would only be time before they would be destroyed, however disaster struck, despite only taking 60% casualties the remaining SPIFF forces were seen to retire. There must be some Czarist elements still at work in the ranks, the ring leaders will be found and justly punished before the next expedition to relieve Rhanzlistan of the Imperial yoke.

The rules we used were Setting the East Ablaze, available from Caliver Books of course. The figures are from our respective collections and feature many manufacturers, Copplestone, Pulp Figures and Brigade Games being prominent amongst them. The buildings are from Mutineer and the vegetation from The Last Valley.


  1. Well, its an account, but not as we recall it...

    1. Ah, Imperialist dogs are starting to believe their own propaganda I see.

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  3. Phil,

    Is the terrain partly made out of fur dyed and shaved down? Or maybe towel?

    I'd love to see a step by step for this if possible(??)


    1. Hi Darrell,

      Thanks for popping in to Rhanzlistan.

      Yes to all, just hacked at the fur with scissors and brushed it with the cats comb, the towel and fur already came in a green colour. When glued into place I then sprayed it with Halfords car spray, 1st overspray Brooklands Green, 2nd Rover Applejack and 3rd Ford Daytona Yellow.